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Hang Real Estate License Las Vegas and Reno

Hang your license with us today to avoid those costly MLS fees!

Why Hang Your License?

Don't let your license go inactive. Join us today to retain the many benefits associated with keeping your license active.

Area Served

state of nevada



No MLS Fees

No need to worry about costly MLS fees when hanging your license. Career changes, maternity leave, or retirement might be one of the causes behind your desire to avoid MLS fees, especially when sale volume is low as a result of these occurrences. For only $150/year, you can remain active with the Nevada Real Estate Division to safeguard your license from deactivation.

Referral Fees

Hanging your license allows you to claim a 30% referral fee as opposed to if your license went inactive. It's simple - sit back, refer, and get paid. 

Personal Transactions

Who wouldn't want to get or save commission on their own purchase via that of the referral process? This is such a common occurrence that it almost seems like a necessity to hang your license to prevent the entirety of any given commission from going to someone else.

Professional Status

Don't lose out on deductions by letting your license go inactive. By keeping it active, you get to maintain professional and tax deductible status, allowing you to write off many costs associated with being an active real estate agent.

New Home Sales

Although selling the typical home is not allowed, you still retain the ability to sell new homes, such as in the case of the many new and ongoing developments in the Vegas and Reno areas.

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