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100% Commission Real Estate Las Vegas Reno






Need a Professional?

Realty 220 is a full-service brokerage equipped with agents who are highly knowledgeable in the selling process. From marketing plans to handling contracts, we have you covered. 

The Benefits of Working with an Agent

Home Valuation

One of our market experts will devise a detailed Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) to help you understand current market conditions and a proper price point to maximize profit. 


During escrow, your agent will work closely with all parties to execute a seamless transaction. They will oversee each phase to make sure all documentation and deadlines have been met in accordance with your contractual agreement(s).

Marketing Plan

Our agents are strategic in how they will market your home. From open houses to mass syndication, you can rest easy knowing that no stone is left unturned. Your home will further undergo professional photography so as to be captured in the best light possible.


Closing requires meticulous attention to detail. That is why each agent at Realty 220 works in tandem with our escrow and title team to make sure every step has been completed with absolute precision. They are skilled in all areas of this process to make things easy.


The minute your home starts getting attention, it will be your agent who works to your benefit. They will handle all negotiations and advise you on every offer that comes your way. Therefrom, the best offer will be isolated and dealt with to ensure top dollar and favorable terms.

Beyond the Sale

Our agents pride themselves on more than just providing excellent representation. They remain at your disposal after the sale of your home to  provide  quality recommendations and insight on current market conditions.

The Selling Process


Set a Price

Settling on a price point is the most crucial element of the selling process. Connecting with a professional is the first step to make this happen. Alongside your agent, you will be able to determine the most accurate price point as it relates to current market conditions. Keep in mind however that each home should be particularized, not generalized. Every home has a unique place, despite how good or bad economic conditions appear.



Staging your home doesn't necessarily mean that you have to carry out a full makeover. It likely has to do with presenting your home in the most favorable way possible to procure the best offer. This may require simple adjustments such as decluttering, depersonalization, and the famous Chinese practice of feng shui. At the end of the day, your home should be free from defects and ready for photography.



Promoting your home can be a bit tricky but with the help of a trained professional, the process becomes that much easier. Photography and property descriptions are key components of marketing a home. It's critical that you and your agent understand what makes the home special. Understanding each and every detail of the home will make for the most seamless process imaginable.


Prepare for Showings

What appears to be the most simple step is actually one of the most important. Likewise to virtually showcasing your home to the world, it is equally important to do your absolute best in making the home available to the public. This comes in the form of open houses and simple methods of allowing agents to show your property. Such method might involve the affixation of a lockbox or coordination of a pre-determined schedule.


Offer and Acceptance

Ensuring that your preferred terms are well understood by you and your agent is a major factor in executing the most qualified offer. Knowing what makes a qualified buyer, in addition to creating leverage, is what guarantees the most important thing of all: security. Although it remains important to professionally communicate your wants and needs to the other side, it is also a process that requires a creative approach to capitalize on your investment.


Title and Escrow

Escrow and title are filled with a lot of steps but don't let it complicate things. They are here to create a secure environment. Be it the examination of title or handling funds, this period of the transaction strives to help both the buyer and seller. That is why selecting the best title and escrow company is such an important element for guaranteeing an issue-free transaction. Rushing this process could be the difference between perfection and chaos.



Assembling the right type of documentation for the buyer is critical. Your agent will notify you of all the requirements needed to complete each phase of the selling process. In most cases, this will require timely execution of disclosures, fulfillment of contingencies, and accurate execution of  escrow documentation.



The closing process requires total attention to detail. That is why your agent and escrow and title companies are by your side - to ensure nothing goes wrong. They will work in tandem to give you, the seller, all the information needed to confidently cruise your way to the finish line.


Locating Your Next Home

Since capitalizing on your investment, locating your next home is the next step. Filled with excitement, you will be able to work with your agent to achieve this. Now that you know what to expect, you can enter your next deal with far more confidence than ever before.

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